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Welcome to Capitan High School

Welcome to the Capitan High School website, home of the Fighting Tigers! Part of the Capitan Municipal Schools District, we are located in rural Lincoln County, New Mexico. Surrounded by the beautiful, wilderness landscape of the Lincoln National Forest, we are famous for being the birthplace of Smokey Bear. Though we are a small community, we are proud of our wild-west heritage, our schools, and most importantly, the students and staff who make this a great place to receive an education.

Here at Capitan High School we are pleased to provide an education and curriculum that utilizes some of the best resources technology has available. We offer a variety of educational program tracks, including a CNA (nursing) program, culinary arts, and agricultural options. We know that education continues outside of the classroom, and offer a variety of extracurricular programs including band, choir, rodeo, and athletics programs. We believe that Capitan High School offers something for nearly every personality!

A Message from Our Principal

Dear Capitan High School Families,

I am pleased to welcome you to our virtual home, which is part of Capitan Municipal Schools District’s comprehensive technology plan. Here, we will keep you informed of important news and events and provide a simple, convenient portal of communication to your child’s teachers and our district administrators.

Delivering an excellent education is our first priority; however, it is also exciting to don our orange and black stripes and cheer on our student athletes throughout the year. I enjoy meeting Capitan High families at these events and share your pride in the accomplishments of these promising students.

I recognize the importance of communication and parental involvement in the success of our students. As such, I have an open-door policy. Please do not hesitate to e-mail me or call my office to schedule a meeting. I am always happy to discuss any concerns you may have.


Jerrett Perry